I'm Jess. A mama, a gardener, and a maker.

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Hello, friends. I'm Jess. My family and I live in a small town nestled in the mountains outside of Seattle, Washington. Our homestead, Cedar House Farm, is home to a backyard flower and herbal garden. I am a wife, a mama, a maker, a writer, and a photographer, and am most at peace when I'm surrounded by botanicals with my family and camera within arm’s reach. Through my business, Cedar House Living, my mission is to provide beautiful, insightful and approachable educational resources and in-person workshops where flower and herb lovers of all ages and experience levels can learn to grow and create with botanicals. Through my books, blog, workshops, annual seed sale, and social media presence, my goals is to inspire you to incorporate flowers and herbs into your daily life in a mindful way and share that love of flowers and herbs with those around you.

The Backyard Bouquet Podcast Episode 18: Capturing the Beauty of Flowers with Jess Buttermore of Cedare House Living 

In this episode, we are joined by Jess Buttermore, of Cedar House Living, who offers insights into flowers and the meanings, cultivation, and the joy they bring to both the grower and the recipient.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:
00:02:55 - Introduction of Jess Buttermore and Cedar House Living
00:08:02 - Importance of watching light for photography
00:14:31 - Tips for taking better pictures of flowers in gardens
00:31:41 -"The Love Language of Flowers" book
00:35:07 - Meaning of flowers in "The Love Language of Flowers" book
00:41:24 - Mother's Day arrangements
00:47:37 - Personal favorite flowers and their meanings
00:51:31 - "Seasonal Living with Herbs"

Published Pieces

I'm honored and humbled each time I am given the opportunity to author articles and creative pieces for publications that I admire. Among my most treasured are my multi-page feature articles in the following print magazines: Click Magazine (Issue 42), Sunset Magazine (April/May 2024),  In Her Garden Magazine (Summer 2023), and Trailblazher Magazine (Issue 10) My work has also been featured in Willow & Sage Magazine (Spring 2022 and Winter 2023), In Her Garden Magazine (Spring 2023 and Spring 2024), The Natural Home Issue Special Edition 2023), GreenCraft magazine (Summer 2022), The Homegrown Sourcebook (Winter 2023)Obaahima Magazine (Volumes 3 and 4), and Homestead Mamas (Fall/Winter 2023).

click magazine feature article by jess buttermore 

jess buttermore in obaahima

willow and sage magazine jess buttermore fresh herbal shower bundles

My photography, recipes and tutorials have also been featured in various education resources offered by Herbal Academy, including the Holiday Maker's Magazine (2022 and 2024). Herbal Academy was also kind enough to publish an interview about my journey into herbalism.

Herbal Academy interview of Jess Buttermore

My photography has also been featured in National Geographic’s Your Shot US, Your Shot UKand The Daily Dozen, as well as Monthly Updates by Looks Like Film and Looks Like Film Kids, among many other online photography publications. I was named one of the Top 100 Photographers to Watch by Click & Co. in 2018, and am a Click Pro Elite Member and Click & Co. Lifetime Member. My photography has also been featured in various exhibits and collections over the years.

holiday makers magazine

While I've recently hung up my photography mentor hat, I still occasionally enjoy photographing newborn life for my local clients. I have been photographing at-home lifestyle newborn and birthplace photography and for nearly 20 years. 

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