The Posey Bouquet Tutorial

Looking for a simple, beautiful wrap for small bouquets? This is the fold I use to gift small flower arrangements. It is quick, easy, and only uses tissue (or kraft) paper and twine.

 bouquet fold wrap tutorial

STEP 1: Gather three pieces of tissue paper or one piece of craft paper, approximately 15" x 20". Cut twine 3' long.

bouquet wrap tie fold tutorial

STEP 2: Fold to create two "mountains" (as shown below) with a flat horizontal bottom.

bouquet wrap tie fold tutorial

STEP 3: Fold the right corner up vertically and press to create a crisp fold.

bouquet wrap tie fold tutorial

STEP 4: Repeat for the left corner.

bouquet wrap tie fold tutorial

STEP 5. Lay your mini bouquet on top, pull the tissue paper around both sides of the bouquet, secure with twine at the waist, and cut the bottoms of the stems straight across for a clean finish. 

posey bouquet wrap tie fold tutorial

Bundle your arrangement with my book, The Love Language of Flowers, and prepare to make someone's day.

My preferred tissue paper and jute twine, along with many more of my favorite botanical tools and supplies can be found on my Floral Arranging Amazon page.

If you are drawn to the language of flowers, a complete glossary of flowers, herbs and other botanicals and their meanings can be found in a book I co-author with Lisa McGuiness, called The Love Language of Flowers. It also includes step-by-step tutorials, a toolbox section filled with floral concepts, and over 30 botanical designs with meaning that honor the seasonal rhythms of nature, build confidence, and provide flexibility to let your own creative voice develop.  It is truly an excellent resource for those seeking to grow their botanical creativity in a meaningful way. 

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