Strawflower Garland

This is one of those slow, seasonal crafts to usher in autumn and put to use the beautiful strawflower heads you've grown and collected this summer. My favorite crafts are the ones I create with natural elements from my garden and supplies I already have on hand. Strawflower garland can add a whimsical touch to your greenhouse, chicken coop, and your next birthday celebration. 

What you need:

  • strawflower blossom heads (dried or fresh)
  • twine cut to desired length
  • a darning needle 

To Make:

  1. Cut your twine to the desired length. I have found that between 3' and 4' is a good length for various spaces, however lengths allow for pretty bows and hanging ends.
  2. Feed one end of the twine through your darning needle eye and tie in a single knot at the eye, leaving a 2" tail.
  3. Place a blossom head face down on the table and puncture the center with the needle. 
  4. Pull the needle through the front and gently guide the blossom head down to the end of the twine. Repeat for each flower head, spacing them to your preference (the garland shown has approximately 2" between them.)

My favorite tools for this project:
Barebones Artisan Trimming Shears
twine and twine holder 

Happy crafting, friend. Please tag me @cedarhouseliving on so I can admire your botanical creations.

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