Slow Living through the Seasons

Slow living. It’s a term that’s become increasingly popular over the last decade. But what does it really mean and how does one achieve it? And is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

A few years ago, I realized something. I had always thought that my value as a wife and mother was validated by how much I could check off the to-do list each day. The more I did, the better I felt. This lifestyle, coupled with postpartum depression and severe anxiety, had become crippling. So I began to make some very important changes. My goal? A better way to live. Slowing down so that I can be more present in my children’s lives, to truly soak in their childhood and make the most of our time together on this earth. To spend more time outdoors and to take more time to create and do things that bring us joy.

What I learned is that living more slowly is not about slowing down the speed at which you do your everyday tasks, nor is it about the amount of free time you have. For us, it is quite the opposite. Since moving to our cabin, our to-do list is longer than it’s ever been. But everything we do is more intentional. More meaningful. More nurturing. More essential. For us, that is slow living.

You can start small. Let go of items that did not serve a purpose, make our hearts sing, or hold special meaning. Donate, recycle and repurpose. Evaluate who and what you’re most grateful for in our life and make a conscious effort to appreciate those people and things each day. Be more intentional and regulate your time on social media. Make sure the accounts you follow inspire or teach you so that, when you are online, the time spent is worthwhile and meaningful. Nurture yourself. Everyday, make time to do something small just for you that makes you happy.

What would happen if you lived your life at a slower pace? What can you do today to begin or continue that journey?

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