Slow and Simple Pine Cone Craft

This slow and simple pine cone craft is inexpensive, eco-friendly and approachable, with many of the ingredients likely available in or around your home. The finished pine cones can be strung to create a wall art display, embellish a winter wreath or swag, decorate your tree, or top a gift.

You Will Need

  • pine cones
  • 1" eyelet screws
  • june twine
  • moss
  • fresh or dried botanicals *
  • hot glue and hot glue gun
  • stick or branch (if making a wall piece)

* I used silver bells, dried strawflower heads, fresh eucalyptus leaves, and stars of anise to top my pine cones. Other ideas include cinnamon sticks, dried orange or apple slices, bay leaves, red or snow berries, or a small ribbon bow. This is a great way to use silver bells or small bunches of berries that may have fallen off their stems during wreath-making.

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To Make

  1. At the base of your pine cone, find the stem. If there is a piece of stem remaining, clip it off with a pair of shears. Otherwise, there will be a small hole perfect for screwing in your eyelet. Screw the eyelet securely. If it is loose (sometimes the inside of the pine cone is hallow), use a dab of hot glue directly into the hole to reinforce it.

  2. String a long strand of twine through the eyelet and secure with a double knot. Clip the extra tail. (This step can be done at any point in the process, but I've found it easiest to do before the embellishments are added.)

  3. Use hot glue to secure a small handful of moss to the top.

  4. Use hot glue to secure botanical embellishments.

If you are making a wall piece, choose an odd number of pinecones spaced across your stick or branch. (I find that odd numbers are most visually appealing in home decor.)

Enjoy your embellished pine cones well into the new year.

winter holiday festive craft pinecone silver bells moss strawflower anise

black eyelet screws star of anise silver bells

silver bells

pine cone craft winter

pine cone craft with eyelet screw

pine cone craft with eyelet screw

slow and simple pine cone winter holiday festive craft embellishment

slow and simple pine cone winter holiday festive craft embellishment tie twine moss

slow and simple pine cone winter holiday festive craft embellishment

pine cone craft wall piece

pine cone wall piece

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