Simple and Beautiful Pressed Flower Wall Art

Just dropping in with a quick tutorial on how Maddie and I made these simple framed pressed flower pieces that now adorn the wall of our guest room.

You Will Need

  • glass or floating frames. (I purchased these gold-rimmed frames at Cost Plus World Market and have added some similar options to my Amazon Affiliate Homeschool & Craft page.) 
  • pressed flowers 
  • craft or Elmer's glue

To Make

Simply arrange your pressed flowers in the frame. Then, pick each botanical up individually and add a small dab of craft or Elmer's glue to the back before carefully putting it back in place. Allow 30 minutes for drying before closing the frame and hanging. Here's a reel I posted to Instagram this week.

To learn more about pressing flowers, visit my journal article entitled Pressing Botanicals. If you are interested in purchasing a flower press, I highly recommend the Hygge & Sage wooden flower press artistry kit found HERE

Looking for another craft to use your pressed flowers? Try this Crafting with Violas article!

Do you love flowers, poetry, folklore, or floriography? Do you enjoy creating with your hands or working with natural elements? Do you appreciate the art of giving meaningful gifts? If so, my floral book, The Love Language of Flowers , may be for you! 
pressed flower wall art diy tutorial
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