Daffodils in Arrangements

Did you know that narcissus and hyacinths have a sap that is toxic to other flowers? If added to an arrangement, the sap will kill all other plants they share water with. So how do I create that quintessential spring arrangement?
There are two ways to handle this:

1. Let daffodils and hyacinths speak for themselves, creating interesting color combinations in their own arrangements.

daffodils narcissus


2. Take 1-3 stems and drop them into a test tube filled halfway with cold water. Then, insert the test tube into the arrangement. Voila!! Each time you water the arrangement, make sure to add water to the test tube(s) too. 

daffodils winston churchill double narcissus floral arrangement tips
spring floral arrangement flower tips
spring floral arrangement flower tips

I call the arrangement above "An Ode to Spring". I collected the stems and foliage from our property on the last day of April, in the rain, as it should be, right? 
In This Arrangement
  • early double tulips (8 stems)
  • salmon parrot tulips (3 stems)
  • Sir Winston Churchill double narcissus (small heads clustered together will billowing white and yellow pillows...they are to die for!) (6 stems divided into two test tube clusters)
  • anemone (1 stem)
  • dogwood branches (2 stems)
  • fiddlehead ferns (5 stems)
In the language of flowers, daffodils symbolize new beginnings and admiration. If you find yourself drawn to the old world language of flowers, a complete glossary of flowers, herbs and other botanicals and their meanings can be found in a book I co-author with Lisa McGuiness, called The Love Language of Flowers. It also includes step-by-step tutorials, a toolbox section filled with floral concepts, and over 30 botanical designs with meaning that honor the seasonal rhythms of nature, build confidence, and provide flexibility to let your own creative voice develop.  It is truly an excellent resource for those seeking to grow their botanical creativity in a meaningful way. 
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