Rose-Infused Sugar

This rose-infused sugar is a lovely addition to your pantry for adding to teas and coffee (hot or iced), and your favorite herbal cocktails, in or on the rim. It is also delightful when sprinkled on top of your favorite baked goods, particularly shortbread cookies and sourdough scones, for a light floral fragrance and scent.

You Will Need
rose petals from 4-6 roses
1 cup (227 g) cane or granulated sugar

a clean, dry glass jar with airtight lid

Other herbs that would work well in this recipe: bee balm, chamomile, lavender, lavender mint, lilac, lemon balm, peppermint, orange mint, rosemary, Scarlet tangerine sage, spearmint

To Make

  1. Collect your roses, remove the petals from the stem, discard the outer-most layer of petals, and rinse and pat dry. If the roses aren’t from your own garden, make sure they are organic and chemical-free before using, and that the petals do not have any visible dew drops or water drops from rinsing. If possible, leave the petals out on a clean, dry paper towel for a few hours before moving on to step 2.
  2. Layer the sugar and rose petals in a clean, dry glass jar, beginning with a thin layer of sugar, and alternating back and forth until you've reached the neck of the jar.
  3. Tighten with an airtight lid and let sit in a cool dark place for a week.
  4. Sift the petals out and the sugar is ready to use.
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organic roses rose infused sugar recipe gardening garden tips

organic roses rose infused sugar recipe gardening garden tips

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