Extending the Vase Life of Your Blooms

Let’s talk flower harvesting and caring for your cut flowers. Here are eight easy ways to extend the vase life of your blooms:
  1. Harvest your flowers in the cooler parts of the day, typically the morning and evening. 
  2. Choose blooms that are not completely open yet (typically halfway open), as they will last the longest. Flowers that are fully opened and have been visited by pollinators will fade much more quickly in vase.
  3. Cut the stem on an angle so the flower can get the biggest drink possible and trim off the bottom 2/3 of foliage.
  4. Drop your fresh-cut stems directly into cold water after trimming. (I take a bucket of cold water out to the garden each time I harvest.) Even five minutes in a harvesting basket on a hot day can be detrimental to your blooms. 
  5. Choose a CLEAN vase to ensure it is free of bacteria and fill it with COLD water.
  6. Add a pinch of sugar to your water.
  7. Change the water daily. For every fresh water change, retrim your stems, cutting them at an angle once again.
  8. Set your arrangement somewhere that is out of direct sunlight and not too close to a candle flame.
My complete list of botanical vase life is just one of the many resouces available in the book I co-author with Lisa McGuiness, called The Love Language of Flowers. It also includes step-by-step tutorials, a toolbox section filled with floral concepts, and over 30 botanical designs with meaning that honor the seasonal rhythms of nature, build confidence, and provide flexibility to let your own creative voice develop.  It is truly an excellent resource for those seeking to grow their botanical creativity in a meaningful way. 

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