Botanical Cinnamon Broomsticks

I ran across these cinnamon-scented broomsticks at my favorite market and instinctively popped a few in my cart. When I got home, I couldn’t wait to try my hand at decorating them with dried botanicals I'd preserved from my garden. Dried eucalyptus, sage, cedar, strawflower and a blend of bunny tails and other grasses are great options for an autumn-inspired broom. Add holly or mistletoe sprigs for a more festive broom to use and display during the winter months. Lean one on your living room hearth and use to keep the area around the fireplace tidy, one in your greenhouse to brush of your workbench, and one in the chicken coop to deodorize. At the end of the season, stow it away with your seasonal decor for next year or use it as kindling for your final fire of winter.

You Will Need
dried herbs and other botanicals of choice
twig broom(s), 30-inch tall or miniature 6-inch handheld broom(s)

To Make
Tie the dried herbs and botanicals onto the head of the broom with a bit of twine beginning with the longest herbs first, wrapping the twine around twice, and then continuing to stack each shorter layer of herbs on top so each previous layer is visible. Double knot it in the back and leave a few inches on the ends of the twine. Tie the ends together to create a loop for hanging.


botanical cinnamon broomsticks

botanical cinnamon broomsticks

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