10 Summer Tasks for Your Flower and Herb Garden

There is an ancient connection between humans and nature and there is no denying that they are entwined. Over the years, I’ve found that the more I am outdoors in my garden, the better I feel. I've even found that 30 minutes in my garden weeding, watering, or harvesting can help a headache subside or lift my spirits when life weighs heavy on my heart. Being outdoors in my garden, surrounded by the botanicals I’ve chosen to grow balances my brain chemistry and has a beautiful way of pulling me away from the confines of modern technology and stresses of social media.  Below are ten ways to be productive while spending time in your garden.

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10 Summer Tasks for Your Flower and Herb Garden

  1. Harvest daily in the morning, after dew has dried but before you water, to keep your cut-and-come-again flower varieties prolific. BONUS: order The Love Language of Flowers to use as a resource for how to condition your freshly cut flowers, incorporate herbs and other interesting botanicals into your floral arrangements, and create beautiful and achievable flower arrangements and bouquets that have both symbolism and meaning.

  2. Deadhead a few times a week to keep your plants healthy and prolific. (Barebones gardening tools are my absolute favorite gardening implements that I always have within arms reach. More of my favorite garden tools and supplies can be found in my G)

  3. Keep the weeds at bay. Spend 10 minutes a day weeding to keep them under control.

  4. Examine your plants for signs of garden pests. Treat as appropriate.

  5. Examine your rose bushes for signs of disease. Treat as appropriate.

  6. Organically fertilize weekly.

  7. Water daily with a deep drench in the morning after your daily harvest. If possible, use a long-neck watering wand so that you can water around and underneath the blossoms and foliage of your flowers and herbs, focusing on the root system of each plant. On extremely hot days, a light watering may also be needed in the evening but be careful not to top water to prevent powdery mildew.

  8. Pinch your dahlias when 4 sets of leaves are present. (Click here to learn more about the pinching technique in gardening.)

  9. Replenish topsoil in each bed and container with a thick layer of compost or organic mulch to conserve moisture and reduce weeds.

  10. Add supports to your plants as needed. A bit and bamboo and twine or tomato clips can go a long way in giving leaning plants and climbing vines a little assistance.

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